“Mina is an exceptional agent. She went beyond our expectations to make sure we qualified, had the proper documents and the keys to our first home on time. She was attentive to all the documents that were needed to start the process, to continue with the process and to complete the process. She went out of her way to met with us several times, though that required her to adjust to our needs and location. We had been turned down 3 times for inferior homes with a different agent, so we did not have high hopes with the home Mina started helping us with considering it was over $120,000 from the 3 previous homes, yet Mina made sure we got the financial assistance and supported need to end up in a highly desirable area in Alhambra, on her first try. Go with Mina, she’ll do the work, all you got to worry about is the moving.”
- hespanta